The TF-141 Dock Complex seen in Recent History is a Repair and Refit Station that services the TF-141’s South Atlantic Surface and Submarine fleet . Built by the British, for a similar purpose, after the end of the Falklands War the British Government gave permission for Lieutenant General Shepherd to use it, in 2014, since British Naval vessels were a rarity in the area. The Dock Complex soon became home to fifty permanent staff, which comprised of former Royal Navy Engineers and Master Ship Builders who were tasked with repairing any damaged vessels that arrived. The facility soon expanded to include a command center for mission co-ordination and featured a fully stocked armory and brig.

The complex fell under attack in a coordinated move by Shepherd called Operation Bronze Race. Several of the Dock Workers and Agents stationed there fought to keep Shadow Company Attackers out of the control room while valuable data was transferred or destroyed. Eventually the sheer number of Shadow Company Units as well as long range attacks from the USS Triton and Helicopter Gunships caused the TF-141 to retreat, but not before broadcasting the Shadow Company Decryption Key to agents in the field. Shortly afterwards Admiral Henderson rammed the facilities dock side fuel tanks with the TF-141 Command Submarine ‘Deep Control’ effectively destroying the facility.

The TF-141 Dock Complex appears in the Spec Ops mission The Gauntlet

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