A blueprint of Deep Control.

Deep Control was a former Royal Navy Vanguard Class Submarine that had been retired and given to the TF-141 to aid them in hunting down dangerous individuals and defusing potentially deadly situations. Despite it’s age Deep Control was still active when Lieutenant General Shepherd ordered Shadow Company to hunt down and destroy every member of the TF-141 and their associates.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Endgame

Deep Control appears in the level Recent History off the coast of the Falkland Isles as it approaches a facility to be upgraded and repaired under the control of Admiral Henderson. Unfortunately before it could begin the process of modernization Shadow Company attacked the submarine, both electronically using Shepherd’s override codes, and physically with surface teams in Zodiac Rafts, a SH-60 Seahawk Helicopter and the USS Triton. Scrambling point defence teams Deep Control monitored the situation until Henderson made the decision to stop Shadow Company from looting the position by using the submarine as a make-shift battering ram. As the Dock Facility’s Fuel Tanks were breached by the submarine both exploded destroying Deep Control and killing all who remained on board.


Admiral Henderson - Captain

Winter - Position Unknown (Possibly Point Defence)






In the levels No Russian and The Hornet's Nestit is suggested that one of the TF-141 Bases was a submarine. The appearance of Deep Command confirms this

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