Sergeant Xander Carson, AKA Blaze, was a pivotal character in Call Of Duty: Brink Of Destruction, and was the main protagonist. He is 6'2, has blonde hair, blue eyes, and wears a skull balaclava [similar to Ghost], and has a standard marine helmet on his head and a pair of orange goggles.

Xander Carson
Nickname(s) Blaze
Appears in Call Of Duty: Brink Of Destruction
Rank Sergeant
Affiliations The ARK Resistance
Status K.I.A.
Birth July 4th 2003
Death August 25th, 2027
Weapon M35-IAR GERUND Assault Rifle

History/2019 Edit

Xander Carson was born on July 4th 2003 in San Francisco California.

He joined the United States Marine Corps in 2019, and after a few months in the military, was deployed to France to stop the IDENTITY Corporation from launching nukes across the globe. This mission was a success, but just as Xander and the team were about to get out of Paris, a huge Nuke was detonated, destroying the whole city and destroying all the helicopters in the air, including Xander's. The helicopter crashed in a huge explosion, knocking Xander out.

After the helicopter crashed through a building, Xander woke up in the wreckage, and saw the aftermath of the nuke. Buildings were just rubble, electrical cables were sprawled everywhere, and Xander's whole squad was dead, and Xander limped towards the nuke's mushroom cloud, as a skyscraper fell into rubble.

Xander walked through Paris, and found a gas station, and managed to get a TV working, and saw a DEFCON 1 News Report, and saw that all of America and most of Europe was destroyed by millions of nukes, and the casualties reached 2 billion people. Xander then hid away in a subway tunnel... Until the time was right.

2020-2027 Edit

Xander was at the pivotal points in the war of the mid 2020's.

Xander hid away in the subway tunnels, but after the radiation cleared, he got out and was devastated to see that the US and Europe were now wastelands.

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