Rashid Harrare
Gender: Male
Race: Arabian
Loyalty (During Wars): OpFor , Islamist Motives Group (former)
Wars Fought In: War on Terrorism
Military Branch: OpFor
Rank: Official Presidential Advisor, Minister of Finance, Propaganda Minister, Foreign Affairs Minister
Born March 25, 1961
Died 2011
Age at Death: 50
Status: Dead

Rashid Harrare, also known as the First Horseman, was a pivotal member of the OpFor and the Four Horsemen.

Harrare was born in 1961. He started hating the monarchy at an early age, because of the class divide (he himself was poor). Harrare joined the radical Islamist Motives Group (an Islamic fundamentalist/terrorist organization) at age 16. He rose to notoriety by attending the Adrasa Training Camp for 3 consecutive years. While there, Harrare became an expert at explosives. This earned him the nickname "Boom Man". Harrare was a major contributor to the 1985 U.S. Embassy Bombings. However, this also led to a government investigations which brought an end to the IMG. Like many members, Harrare was imprisoned. While in federal custody, he befriended cellmate Khaled Al-Asad. Both shared their radical ideas, and began devising a plan. In 1987, via messages attached to a trained pigeon, the 2 convinced a former IMG member to launch an attack on the prison. Harrare, Al-Asad, and many others escaped. While in hiding, the 2 created the Opposing Force, or OpFor. The organization merged with other extremist groups, becoming very large and powerful. Over the years, the charismatic Al-Asad started gaining more power in the organization. The more rational Harrare was demoted to his advisor. On a trip to Russia in 1994, Harrare met Imran Zakhaev, a Russian Ultranationalist. He devised a meeting between Al-Asad and Zakhaev. During this meeting, the 3 created the Four Horsmen. Imran's son Victor, when he came of age, was set to be the 4th member. In 1996, Harrare travelled back to Russia to make a weapons deal. However, the meeting point was ambushed. Both men survived, and Harrare gained several weapons (including nuclear ones) that helped with the revolution in 2011. He then appointed himself many positions, giving himself many powers. Harrare established Al-Assoud, the nation's secret police, and Al-Janeeda TV Network. While in power, Harrare learned Russian in order to better negotiations in arms deals with Zakhaev. He was last in his home country on the day of Yasir Al-Fulani's execution (Harrare drove the car carrying the former president to Al-Asad Palace). Later that day, he fled to Azerbaijan. The next day, the US invaded his country. He advised Al-Asad to activate the nuclear bomb in an attempt to eliminate the Marines. Harrare himself was believed to have died during the explosion. Harrare then set up a safehouse for Al-Asad. However, the SAS tracked them down and killed them both. While Al-Asad surrendered, Harrare valiantly attempted to kill the SAS agents alone using an AK-47.