The Raid in the Urals was a raid by an SAS team in an Ultranationalist weapons factory. The objective of the raid was to destroy the weapons inside the factory. However the team found prototype nuclear bombs. The team destroyed them and escaped.

Before the RaidEdit

Before the raid, the Ultranationalists were shocked by the death of Imran Zhakeav. One of Zhakeav's leuitenants, Vladmir Markarov, took control of the organization. They began to build factories in the Urals to get more weapontry. The SAS, hearing that Factory 202 was the biggest, the made a plan to destroy it. So in February, 2012, a five man SAS team parachuted to the factory.

Inside the FactoryEdit

The factory was heavily guarded, with BMP-2s, BTR-80s, Hinds, and lots of soldiers. Patrols were happening in the forest around them. One member, Sgt. Tom McClarkson, killed a patrol and took a uniform. He climbed up a ladder on a tower. He killed a guard and shown the light at another tower, blinding other guards. The othe team members shot them. They went inside. They first went to the bridge and killed guards there. One guard managed to get a distress call out. The team went faster to finish the raid. They went into a weapons room and placed C4 there. They went into another room but discovered 2 prototype atomic bombs. They disabled them but they were dicovered in the process. They killed guards as they went outside.


Since they were discovered, LZ Alpha was not an option. They hijacked a tank and drove it to LZ Bravo. They killed enemies as they went. They made it to LZ Bravo. Command told them the Evac helicopter was shot down and they have to wait for another one for 5 minutes. They defend it at all costs but their tank is destroyed. A BTR-80 comes. They find a plane and try to turn it on. They do and use the rockets to destroy the tank. The 2nd Evac helicopter comes and they escape. They C4 inside the factory explodes and the whole factory blew up.

People in the RaidEdit

This here is the 5 man team that raided the factory.

Cpt. Scott Welsh

Sgt. James Kelly

Sgt. Tom McClarkson

Sgt. Jack "Jackel" Green

Sgt. John Palmson

If you are wondering why Price or Soap are not here, it is because they are still resting after what happened in Game Over.