Ghillies in the Mist is a story written by U.N.Owen chronicling OPERATION:PIKEMEN from Lt.Price's view.

Preview Edit

Set in post-Chernobyl Pripyat, follow SAS Lt. John Price as he assasinates Imran Zhakeov.

Prologue Edit

Ultranationalist Safehouse,Northern Azerbaijan 2011

John Price slammed his fist into Al-Asad's face again.
"Why'd you do it!?!" he yelled. "Where did you get the bomb?" he punched him again. Al-Asad said something in Arabic. Price understood what he had said. "Who then?" he asked before hitting him again. "Who? Give!" another blow. "Me!" yet another painful swing. "A! Bloody! Name!" Price punctuated each word with a hard punch.
Then somewhere a phone rang.Price was momentarily stunned by the unexcpected noise.
"Sir?" asked Gaz another SAS member. "It's the phone." At that Price retrieved Al-Asad's cell phone, listened for a moment and hung up.
Price pulled out a Colt 1911 .45 pistol out and aimed at Al-Asad's head for a moment. And pulled the trigger.
"Suppose Santa gave you coal for Christmas again sir?" Sgt. Boyle asked.
Gaz rolled his eyes and asked "Who was that sir?"
"Zhakeov. Imran Zhakeov."

Part 1: All Ghillied Up

Chapter 1 Edit

August 6th 1996

22nd SAS HQ, United Kingdom

Briefing Room

"Morning boys" Colonel Fleete said cheerfuly. "Great news, we got a go for OPERATION:PIKEMEN."
I looked around at the other five members of my team. Though only Captain MacMillan and I would be going they were still here for formalities.
"Now. Here is the plan, Captain MacMillan and Lt. Price will be inserted via HAHO jump (High Altitude High Opening) tomorrow at 2100 LST. After being inserted they will move to CP Bravo. They should reach CP Bravo by 0600. At which time they will begin to infiltrate Pripyat. Zhakeov is having a black market convention down there so enemy prescence will be high."
"CP Charlie is located in an abandoned hotel overlooking Zhakeov's meeting place. An M82 Barret will already be dropped there along with an ID of your mark. Pull the trigger when you see him and bug out. Force Recon Marines will be there to extract you. Good luck."

August 8th

C-130 bound for Pripyat

Cargo Hold

I sat in that cargo hold checking my CAR-15.The hum of the C-130's engines rumbled in the pit of my stomach. The M-21 was on a three point sling on my chest. I put the finishing touches on it. The light turns green. We jump.