City of Lights is a second act mission in Call of Duty: New York War. Your default weapons set is M4A1 ACOG w/M203 grenade launcher and Flashlight as your primary. Your secondary is an M9. The pre-mission cutscene is: Locating Cpl. Maurice Davis, U.S Army National Gaurd. Lazaro, "You live in New York all your life and you only go to times square when a war breaks out". Bradford, "Can it Lazaro, This is serious, this is what we signed up for". Lt. Sams, "Exactly". Bradford, "Officer on deck!". Lt. Sams, "At ease boys, your time has come, at times of emergency reservists like you are activated full time". Wilkerson, "Finally some action". Lt. Sams, "Don't get to exited Private. Seal teams have confirmed that Ivan's heavily armed and trained. It will take all your strength and many of your lives to defend against it. Dismissed". game begins with you sitting in the back of a Helicopter mounting a minigun. "Approaching target, 60 seconds" the pilot yells. The chopper begins to dip closer to the ground. The Chopper begins to turn making your side face the enemy. you see friendly the artillery, armor, and troops firing at enemys across the junction. "Davis soften them up with the Minigun" Bradford says. After you destroy some targets the chopper stops and Lazaro throws the rope down "GO GO GO!" He yells. you and the team slide down slightly behind the front lines. A Follow sign goes above Bradford. He runs up to another soldier with binoculars and a M14 EBR Scoped firing at enemy troops. "gimme a sitrep, was going on", He asks. “Ivan’s taken civilian hostages into an apartment block about 2 clicks north”, the soldier replies. Bradford says “We will take the right flank, well regroup at the apartment block, Hooah?”. “Hooah” He replies. After following Bradford to the right flank, you defend against 3 waves of enemys with Targets written above them. A random soldier yells “Their retreating”. “Alright were Oscar mike” Lazaro says as a humvee pulls up. You enter and mount the Mk 19 grenade launcher. It immediately speeds of breaking through the barricades and chasing the enemy troops you shoot at them while chasing. But suddenly a huge flash of light overwhelms the vehicle forcing it to crash .You wake up lying on the ground looking up to find that EMP had shut off all the lights in time square. Trapped in complete darkness you reach to turn your gun flashlight, only to discover it doesn’t work. You hear Bradford standing up as he ignites a flare, revealing all the squad still living. “Oh god, it’s all gone, setup shop we will move out in the mourning” Lazaro says.