Call of Duty 8 also known as Australia's Time

The battles mainly focuses on Australia where they defend Australia and New Guinea. Several Harbours and several ancient battle sites are visited.

Playable Characters Edit

John Wilson Edit

Wilson an Australian army Sergeant. He was promoted to Staff Sergeant after his commander from a tank then later on to Warrant Officer Class 2 after Brigadier Robinson died. He was born in Sydney Harbour his family had great honour in their son.

Jethro WilsonEdit

Chief Petty Officer than Warrant Officer. Jethro is John’s twin brother he is seen in the naval mission. He is killed when he lost air when he was pulled underwater by Japanese after the bombing in Darwin. He was promoted to Warrant Officer after capturing 5 Japanese cruiser ships and 1 Japanese shore boat.

Jordan BenbowEdit

Second Lieutenant. Jordan is John Wilson cousin. Jordan is seen in the Kiwi Campaigns only he handles jobs in the Greece and West Africa campaigns.

Gordon ThompsonEdit

Master Sergeant. Gordon is a US Marine deployed in most of the American campaign with the Nazis. He is commanded by John Rogers.

Lucas PriceEdit

Sergeant. Lucas Price is Brother of Captain Price (COD2). He has striking similarities to Both Captain Prices (COD2 and COD4).

Arnold Sigismund Edit

Arnold is a Colonel (an Oberst). Arnold is the first Nazi German to be played in the series thus in a World War II game. He played once and only once. He is seen in mission where he destroys an American outpost