Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the Tenth game in the franchise. It is simply titled Modern Warfare 2 but as this articles title suggests it is not called Call of Duty 6.

Campaign Edit

It is known that the Russian Ultra-Nationalists are once again involved along with the British SAS and United States Marines, Also due to the Rumoured inclusion of several Canadian weapons it may be a possibility that the Canadian Army is included.

More Information Edit

Three maps from Call of Duty 4 are included as well as Eleven New Maps.

Soap MacTavish will return in the SAS campaign.

There are Scuba Diving and Snow Speeder levels as well as On Foot sections.

You may be able to Comandeer a Gunship again as the trailers hint.

TERRORIST ALIENS (Nazi Zombie Successor)(Unconfirmed)