"I thought they were ment to be dead"

This article, British Zombies, is about Zombies! If you don't like Zombies you are advised to not read this page.

British Zombies: Edit

British Zombies: They are merely the result of British zombies infecting people of Britain. They wear Royal Guard Uniforms which make them seem quite posh, even as zombies. Sometimes when shot they can be heard shouting 'God save the King' or 'For the King'

Attributes: Edit

Although not as fast or as strong as their Nazi and Japanese counterparts they are incredibly resilient and have twice as much health as the Nazi's or Japanese, when they spawn, there is always double the amount.

Map: Edit

The British zombie map takes place in the Houses Of Parliament, which is a big map and must be played with a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 8. Each player can buy guns as usual but each gun they buy will have twice the amount of ammo. One downside to these guns is that there is no X2 points bonus allowed. The zombie population limit gets bigger and bigger until the maximum is around 400.