Note: Fake

Berlin's Nazi Zombies Third Outbreak is a conflict set in Berlin, August-December 1945 about the third Nazi zombies outbreak after the Nacht der Untoten and the asylum.

As the Nazis collapsed in May 1945, the world thought the war has end, but for Berlin, the war has just begun. Zombies begin to appear in the alleys and streets of Berlin and in the Reichstag's basement. Many people are dead in the early invasion as the zombies can now infect people. However, two groups of survivors are trapped, one in the Reichstag, and one in a house three hundred meters from the asylum. The survivor in the Reichstag are Eugene Vicks, Michael Fletcher, and Brandon Richard as the ones in the house are James Stanton, Markus Wilding, Riley Ketcherson, Vasili Nevsky, and Edward Allan. The ones on the Reichstag found an armory and stock-up while the ones in the house found a radio and made a map. They all later regroup in the Reichstag and visits the asylum for survivors but there's none. Later they left the asylum and went back to the Reichstag to restock.