The Battle of Volgograd was a battle between the Ultranationalists and the Loyalists in 2013. The US Marines supported the Loyalists.

The BeginningEdit

In the beginning the Ultranationalists wanted to capture Volgograd because they believe that where Communism was strongest. They invaded the area quickly. The Loyalists were struggling so the Marines were sent in. The Marines had tank support but artillery was destroying them. A squad of Marines were sent in and destroyed the guns. The squad then headed on jeeps and supported tanks by killing RPG wielding Ultranationalists. They then ambush enemy tanks with the RPGs. They come outside and follow the friendly tanks. Rockets come and the squad runs into a building. The clear the building and as it collapses they jump into the river.

A Time of RescuesEdit

The Ultranationalists have taken Loyalists prisoners. The squad heads through the sewers to rescue them. They fight enemies and enter a building through a hatch. They rescue the prisoners. Enemy reinforcements come and the squad defends the building until a helicopter comes. Later, the squad's helicopter crashes. They wake up to find the Ultranationalists have captured you. Loyalists come and rescue though. However the Sgt. isn't here. The squad hacks into the computer and finds his location. They kill the enemies and the rescue him.

The Final HoursEdit

The squad heads out in a helicopter to kill the surrounded Ultranationalists. The squad cross the river and fight enemies there. The squad then clears some buildings. Tanks come and shoot the building their on. The rappel off and get on a Zodiac. The Zodiac then escapes into a helicopter. The next mission their on is secure the city hall. They clear the Gardens and go inside. There they fight to the the top. They then disable a nuclear missile. A helicopter comes and gets them. However it is shot down. the Marines then defends the crash site. The situation looks hopeless until friendly air support destroys the enemies. The squad gets on a helicopter and looks at the remains of Volgograd. The Marines have won.