The Battle in the Urals was battle in 2012 fought between the SAS and British Army agianst the Ultranationalists. It was the first time Sgt. Tom McClarkson and Cpl. Alberto met.

The BattleEdit


In 2012 the Ultranationalists had a base in the Urals where General Vorinov was at. He was an important asset to the Ultranationalists so Britian sent the SAS and the British Army to stop him.

The BeginningEdit

The SAS and the British Army were heading on a road when they first met resistance. Machine guns opened up and fired on the British. Those who weren't killed hid in bushes and headed toward the base. Sgt. McClarkson and Jackel climbed over a wall into the base. They went into a house and went to a window and fired a machine gun. It gave cover to the Army men. Cpl. Alberto hid behind a wall when Jackel fired his machine gun. Sgt. Pierce, the leader of Alberto's squad told them to run across the street to a house. As they went across a member of the squad was shot in the leg. Sgt. Pierce went to get him. He started dragging him when a mprtar shell exploded, killing the man and Sgt. Pierce. Alberto was knocked down by the blast. He got up and ran to the house. He hid next to it. Meanwhile, McClarkson and Jackel were still firing on the machine gun. When they reloaded an RPG fired. It went through the window and exloded when it hit wall. Jackle was blown off his feet and hit a wall. He was unconscious. McClarkson became deaf for a second then he could he could hear. He carried Jackel out of the house and gave him to a medic. Tom then went across the street to where Alberto was. McClarkson told Alberto to follow him. He did. They ran and hid behind a dumpster. They went into a house with a lot of machine guns. They cleared it out. With the machine guns gone more soldiers came. However they still needed to clear the mortars.

The MortarsEdit

Sgt. Tom McClarkson charges across a clearing while being pounded by mortars and artillery in order to clear the mortars.


While Cpl. Alberto leads a diversion McClarkson assassinates General Vorinov.