Area of Denial is a killstreak reward for getting 12 kills in a row, 11 with the Hardline Perk, in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Endgame. Activation of this killstreak sends in either a B-52 or a Tu-95 that drops a bomb filled with toxic gas. Not only does the gas spread over a small area killing any living thing it touches but it also lingers preventing players from entering areas where it exists. As such it makes an effective defense in games such as Headquarters and Search and Destroy. Both the B-52 and Tu-95 are immune to being shot down even from the AC-130 and the EMP kill streaks, although the latter does prevent the deployment of the bomb. Entry into the gas cloud causes blindness for five seconds and death in seven is the player does not leave the area of effect. The gas is able to enter buildings doors and windows and as such can be used to flush enemies out of hiding. After forty seconds the gas dissipates allowing players to return to the area affected by the air strike.

B52 Tu95

B52s and Tu-95 'Bear's the delivery vehicle of the Area of Denial Strike


The AOD Strike is simply announced as “Friendly/Enemy Air Strike Incoming” allowing the player to partially mask the deadly payload as a Precision Airstrike

When checking the mini map and area currently made uninhabited glows green and has a bio-hazard symbol hovering over it. This is removed in Hardcore Maps unless the player activates the UAV Reconissance Killstreak

It is unknown if there is any kill-streak or piece of equipment, with the exception of EMP, that can neutralize the effects of AOD in Multiplayer.

The gas bares an uncanny resemblance to the Nova-6 gas from Call of Duty: Black Ops

The Sentry Gun and EOD Drone are unaffected by the gas

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