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Britain (or known as Great Britain or the United Kingdom) is 2 main islands and 100's of small islands which are formed from four countries.



Wales (Cymru)

Northern Ireland

Role In Call of Duty: Edit

In the Early Call of Duty games, the player can take part in a British campaign. Simply, the British are an army that battles against the Germans. For reasons unknown they do not appear in Call of Duty: World At War. Britain is a mighty force in Call of Duty which was instrumental in defeating Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Army.

Currently: Edit

Currently, Britain is a Nation fighting the terrorists of the Middle East and is part of the ongoing recession. It is also a victim to the Swine Flu incident. Which has arrived in Newcastle, London, Merseyside and Northern Scotland. Britain's current form of Government is a Constitutional Monarchy in which The Royal Family has no real power but an Elected Prime Minister is in charge of the country, The Current Prime Minister is Gordon Brown of the Labour Party but The Conservative Party led by David Cameron are expected to win the next General Election.

General Knowledge Edit

  • The flag of the United Kingdom is the Union Flag but is known as the Union Jack when flown at sea.
  • Britain was the worlds most powerful country, with territories on every continent, and a Navy bigger than the next two biggest put together.
  • Britain is the reason for over 500,000,000 English speakers worldwide.
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